The Vory v Zakonye, or "Thieves-in-law," are an elite criminal organization going back to the time of the czars that began in Russian prisons. Acceptance into this group had nothing to do with your race, religion, or family, but the number of times you were in prison and the brutality of your crimes. All Vors had to follow a strict code of conduct:
A Vor shall:
- Never have a legitimate job.
- Never pay taxes.
- Forsake his relatives: father, mother, brothers, sisters.
- Follow the decisions of the Vors' court.
- Keep secret information about the whereabouts of accomplices.
- Punish any offending thief as decided by the judgment of the thieves' council.
- Have good command of Fenya, the thieves' slang.
-  Never gamble without being able to cover his losses.
- Teach the criminal way of life to youth with potential.
- Have, if possible, informants from the rank and file of thieves.
-  Not lose his reasoning abilities when drunk.
-  Have nothing to do with the authorities
-  Make good on promises given to other thieves.
-  Never deny his Vor status directly.